UCU, Unite & GMB Launch A Remote Working/Partial Shutdown Survey For RHUL

The COVID-19 crisis has led to great change in the working conditions for staff at RHUL. While some of our colleagues are providing vital services on campus and some have been furloughed, the majority of us are working remotely. All of us are trying to do the best job possible at a time of great uncertainty, but we are yet to be consulted about how feasible it is to “work as normal”, or asked what support would help us to do our very best.

The three campus trade unions have come together to design a survey which will help us to understand the working conditions and concerns of all staff at the College in the aftermath of the partial shutdown and increase in remote working. We are pleased to have received comment on and support for the survey from the College’s Senior Management Team. But this survey is a project designed and led by your trade unions, to help us to help you.

We are concerned about the health and safety implications of those on campus now and in the future; we are concerned about the apparent willingness to let our valued causal colleagues go despite their importance to our student experience and research profile; and we are worried about the equalities implications of the array of changes to our terms and conditions which are being announced. All individual responses to the survey will be confidential and we will ensure that any identifying information is removed. We will share the anonymised findings for the survey with the College’s SMT and use the information to inform our negotiations and consultations with them.

You can access the survey here. 

We think it should take about 20 minutes to complete the survey.

Trade unions do not just represent their members’ interests; they have a legal duty to defend the health and safety of all employees. So we welcome responses from all staff at the College. A full range of responses will help us to identify the challenges now and in the months ahead. It is our intention to work with Senior Management to find the best solution for all current members of staff.

UCU, Unite & GMB at Royal Holloway, University of London

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact UCU via our branch email account, rhulucu2018 at gmail.com. If you want to join UCU, you can do so here.

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