Get involved with your union!

In reaching the minimum threshold for turnout in our two recent ballots, the role of our Departmental Reps and other activists was vital. These members distributed flyers and displayed posters, explained the arguments to colleagues, and even knocked on doors and made phone calls. A Branch is only as strong as its members – would you like to get involved?

We are looking for volunteers to join our communications team, who handle our blog and social media accounts. The comms team prefer to remain anonymous, and they work flexibly, which allows this to be as big or small a commitment as you can handle. We are also always after guest posts for the blog (which can again be anonymous) to flag up aspects of working at RHUL which members need to know about.

If comms isn’t your cup of tea, we also have small teams working on casualisationequal opportunities, and workloads and stress; again, there’s no need to take a management-facing position in this work if you don’t want to. Finally, of course, we will need volunteers if we are forced to take strike action. Last time we relied on members to help supervise and populate our picket lines in Egham and Bedford Square, we built a team to help run our local hardship fund, and we benefited from a dedicated “education team” who ran our teach-inns at The Packhorse.

Being an active union member is a good way to support workmates and to reaffirm your sense of collegiality.  If you’d like to explore any of these opportunities for activism which make a real difference to working at the College, please drop us a line at rhulucu2018 at