Feedback requested: proposed branch motion for the HE Sector conference on pensions

The branch is currently preparing a motion for submission to the HE Sector Conference on Pensions, to be held on 7th November 2018. We welcome feedback from members on the draft motion -if you have comments, please e-mail rhulucu2018 at by Wednesday 31st, 5pm, so the branch committee can take suggestions into account before submitting the motion.

Draft Motion for HE Sector Conference on Pensions 

RHUL notes:
1. The historic 14 days of strike action and the threat of further action that forced the employers to abandon their plans to replace a Defined Benefit scheme with Defined Contribution pensions;
2. The contents of the first Joint Expert Panel (JEP) report that revealed the scheme was not at imminent risk of default;
3. Analysis by JEP and Sam Marsh of Sheffield UCU showing Universities UK (UUK) appears to be manufacturing the apparent Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) deficit;
4. Current cost sharing plans place too high a burden on employees and fail to take account of the historic underpayment by employers;
5. The dispute is not yet resolved.

RHUL calls for:
1. A ballot of members for industrial action if either a) the employers fail to accept the first JEP report in full or b) the employers attempt to pass on costs they have generated onto employees.
2. To generate confidence again amongst our members, for the National Disputes Committee to guide future campaigns on saving our DB pensions, based on policy determined at Special Higher Education Conference (SHEC).

(With thanks in formulating the structure to UCU Branches at UCL & Lancaster.)