About The Team

Royal Holloway UCU Committee members come from a wide range of Departments, both Academic Related and Academic (Professors, Readers and Lecturers). The Committee welcome all members but would particularly welcome black and minority ethnic members who are under represented at the moment. Members must complete a form to stand for election, and be seconded by another member, before the Annual General Meeting. At Royal Holloway this meeting is generally held in May, allowing staff to factor in union commitments among their timetable the following academic cycle. If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of the Committee, please contact a Committee member for more information.

Branch Committee members 2019-20

Chris Howorth – Chair of Branch                            c.howorth at rhul.ac.uk

Robert Fitzgerald – Secretary of Branch                r.fitzgerald at rhul.ac.uk

Donna Brown – Vice Chair of Branch                     donna.brown atrhul.ac.uk

Maria Gee – Treasurer                                                  maria.gee at rhul.ac.uk

Jeff Frank – Equalities Officer                                    j.frank at rhul.ac.uk

Membership Secretary – vacant

Dan Elphick – Anti-Casualisation Officer             daniel.elphick at rhul.ac.uk

Sofia Mason – Branch Committee Member            sofia.mason at rhul.ac.uk
Health and Safety Officer

Liz Schafer – Branch Committee Member             e.schafer at rhul.ac.uk
Environment focus

Lene Rubinstein – Branch Committee Member    l.rubinstein at rhul.ac.uk

Penelope Smith – Administrator of Branch            Penelope.smith at rhul.ac.uk

Central e-mail to contact the branch                          rhulucu2018 at gmail.com


The Branch also has a number of experienced case workers, some of whom are not on the Branch Committee. Members who think they need support with a local issue should contact Penelope Smith, who logs the expertise and availability of case workers.

To facilitate communications within Departments we operate a system of Departmental representatives, who convene local-level meetings as required and report back on emerging issues to the Branch Committee. Please drop Penelope Smith a line to find out who your local representative is.

The RHUL UCU website, Twitter account and Facebook page are run by the communications team, which is made up of volunteers who prefer to remain anonymous. You can get in touch with the communications team by e-mailing rhulucu2018 at gmail.com, including ‘FAO Comms’ in the subject line. The team welcome submissions of blog posts written by members, which can be posted anonymously or under a pseudonym.